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Cliques: Glowy Skin 12-Piece Mask Set



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The Glowy Skin Mask Clique is a mix of 12 sheet/cream masks that refreshes and revitalize skin's glow. Get glowy 12 times for $10. Treat yourself to a pack.
  1. Strawberry: Vitamin C is good for your skin as it fights free radicals.
  2. Q10: Revitalizes + soothes = makes skin glow
  3. Revital Collagen: Younger-looking skin
  4. White Rose: Evening skin tone
  5. Arbutin: Evening skin tone
  6. Green Tea: Moisture
  7. ESFOLIO Green Tea Mask: Enhancing skin moisture levels
  8. Lab Anti-Aging Mask: Minimizes fine lines by promoting the creation of collagen and provides a firming effect.
  9. Peach Oxygen: Oxygen-rich foam, deep-cleaning, exfoliating, massages skin and pores.
  10. Plumeria: Contains Vitamins C, E and collagen. Reduces fine lines and wrinkles while hydrating skin.
  11. Juicy Pomegranate: Vitamin C to fight free radicals.
  12. Fresh Aloe: Moisturizes skin.

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