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12-Piece Hydrating Sheet Mask Set


$10 $12

Own the collection! Get the entire 12-piece set of Miss A's Best-Selling Facial Sheet Masks for only $10! This Clique includes all different sheet masks so you can pick and choose depending on how your skin feels that day. These K-Beauty Facial Sheet Masks hydrate, plump, lift and clear your skin- and can be used 2-3 times per week.

Enjoy a relaxing evening treating yourself with a face make before bed or try using one in the morning before applying makeup on a big day. You will be surprised how well your foundation will apply to your skin after a treatment with one of these masks.

Masks included: Aloe Vera, Cucumber, Green Tea, Collagen, Pomegranate, Honey, Pearl, Red Ginseng, Green Tea, Volcanic Essence, Milk, Honey

*Limit 1 Set per customer

Why Are Some Products Not $1?

We offer Special Edition Collections made exclusively with one mission in mind: to give back. These collections support causes like, standing against animal testing and abuse to supporting education and more. A portion of proceeds from sales go towards organizations making a difference in the world. Learn more about our Feel Good Initiative.

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