Official Key Items 3D Eye Contour Sleeping Mask



3D Eye Contour Sleeping Mask: a super soft eye mask that blacks out all light and the 3D contour shape helps keep eyes comfortable. 

  • Blacks out light 
  • soft material 
  • 3D contoured cup design 
  • Adjustable velcro strap

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Smelled horrible

Threw it away. Couldn't get the toxic smell out. Left it sitting out on my nightstand for weeks., sprayed lavender oil on it, febreeze, nothing worked.

Almost as good as the much more expensive ones.

I had a brand name one just like this. I liked it bc it doesn't sit directly on my eyes. Eventually, the layers started peeling apart, like they do. I got a couple of these to try. They do delaminate faster, but not so much that I can justify paying for the expensive ones.

Great Soft Mask

Great sleeping mask! Only flaw is it doesn't tighten enough for me but after knotting it, it works so well for me!

Very good!

I have a hard time getting sleep masks that fit my face well (gaping around the nose, etc) and this one is actually pretty great! It's also plenty soft and comfortable. Downsides : I don't have a particularly small head, I don't think (22" circumference measured at the level of my eyes, which a quick google tells me is exactly Average) but even with the velcro strap adjusted as tight as it will go, it's still a bit too big which allows it to shift around more than I like. Also, after using it for a week or so (and gently hand-washing it in the sink precisely once) the layers are delaminating and the glued/fused "seam" along the bottom has mostly come apart. But! I sew, so both of those issues are easily fixable. Back to buy more so I'll always have a clean one ready!

Really Like It!

This sleep mask blocks out all the light and helps me sleep much better. I am only giving it 4 out of 5 stars because, even though the mask is adjustable, the strips of Velcro are only about an inch or so long, so you really can’t adjust it all that much. I can easily sew the bands it to make the mask fit me better, but beware if your head is rather small as the mask will likely be too big even at its smallest size.