AOA Heat-free Satin Hair Curling Rod - Black

From $1.88

Good hair days start at night!

Frizz-free, perfect waves, + curls for all hair types! No matter your style, add heat + damage-free volume to your hair while you sleep, do chores, run errands + more!

🦋 Heat-free + Gentle
⚡️ Reduces Frizz
♻️ Reusable 
👌 Easy
1" x 33.75"
(2.7 x 86 cm)
4-pc Set includes:
1 curling rod, 1 claw clip, + 2 scrunchies

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Good Product

I personally like this. My hair doesn't hold curls for nothing, so I do have to add other products into my hair to get them to hold, but I digress. This is comfortable to sleep in and it wasn't difficult to wrap my hair around. I have shoulder-length hair and it worked find for that length. This will also work if you have longer hair as well. I have slept with it wrapped around my head and just leaving it down at the side and it was not uncomfortable.

I've only used it once but already love it

I naturally have 3c hair but tend to straighten it, and since I'm already doing heat damage to my hair i dont always want to go over it with a curling iron damaging it more just for a cute curl. I put this on and left it overnight and loved the way it looked, the ends were a bit tight and near my face got barely any curl but i know thats user error. it has a bit of a learning curve so beware.

It works great

I have fine and kind of thin and this curls all of my hair perfectly! I put it in when my hair is wet and sleep with it until it's dry in the morning, and I'm ready to go.


You really like how the product works. I did not receive the claw clip in 2 of the packages but i will go back on and see maybe they dont supply it.I found a clip i own and product did work.

Pleasantly surprised

I was very skeptical about this working but it does give some nice wave or curl depending on how tight you wrap your hair. I also found it was more comfortable than I thought to sleep with it in all night. Great product for the price.