By Twenty8

Organic Cotton Pads- Regular

From $1.00


100% Certified Organic Cotton Cover Pads
Free of Bad Stuff- Priced Just Right.

Twenty8 Organic Pads are the most AFFORDABLE organic pads in the market!!

Did you know that most pads out there are made with chemicals, fragrances and other bad stuff?!

Twenty8 Cotton is Made in Texas, USA and the pads are Made in Korea. 

Once you try Twenty8 Organic Pads you won't want to use anything else!

  • Regular size is perfect for light to medium flow days. 
  • Cotton is super soft and breathable 
  • Super Absorbent for Leak Free periods! 
  • Made without: Fragrances, Dyes, Pesticides, Chlorine
  • Wings lock in place for leak free wear! 

Available in a Sample 3-Pack for $1.00 or Value 12-Pack for $3.90



Customer Reviews

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I love these so much they don’t cause any irritation and they are soft and I have never leaked through in these


love these


Hello... just wanted to say, while shopping at the mall today we had an unexpected surprise today. My daughter in law was like "hey, miss a has pads!" So I was like "omgah let's go!" We were heading to miss to begin with because we love our bargains! ...but we walked in grabbed a 3pk and hurried out to the rr. Went back to our normal shopping relieved! By the time I got home I was like "oh damn , not one leak!" I thought just because of price value and it was an emergency type situation, I thought I need to change immediately! But nope this brand proved me wrong. I then got on the website and watched the CEOs video and how she spoke into details with the product she choose for her company! She definitely sold me... haha but yea... long story short I'll be back tomorrow to grab some more before they are all gone! These are definitely great to keep in handy! Your purse as she says, your car for emergencies, etc... I definitely recommend! Great quality! 👌🏽👌🏽

Glad I got some while they were in stock!

These are solid good pads. I see no difference between these and other kinds you can get at the store. It's reassuring to me that they're organic, it feels like I'm doing something better for my body


I absolutely love these pads, they are absorbent and comfortable to wear! They don’t get bunched up or move around. I also buy the large size which I hope they don’t get rid of bc I can use those at night during a heavy flow. The regular size I use when my flow is not so heavy! Overall both are great!