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AOA Wonder BAKE sponge - Black

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The Wonder Bake sponge is a super soft rectangular shaped beauty sponge for applying loose powder under the eyes and cheeks to "bake" and set makeup! 

The sponge is latex free, and the edges makes this sponge shape unique from the others! Picks up powder products very well- but can also be used for cream products as well! 

AOA Wonder Blender rivals the beauty industry's leading makeup blender brand and is the ultimate sponge tool for all liquid, cream and powder products. This sponge provides a flawless, airbrushed finish without streaking or blotchiness.

To Use: 

For a softer sponge, completely wet and lather with soap. Squeeze the sponge and rinse out. Repeat a few times to make it even softer. 

For natural coverage, completely soak the sponge in water and squeeze out excess water. This will make the sponge double in size and make the sponge bouncier!

For a more full coverage look, use the sponge dry or light spray with water rather than completely soaking it.

To add extra coverage to certain areas of the face apply concealer and bounce the sponge in place to blend in.



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