AOA Perfect Winged Eyeliner Sticker Templates

SKU: AOA-3205


Apply perfect eye makeup, fast!

Save makeup + time. Apply eyeshadow + eyeliner fast, perfectly, + easily. Ideal for beginners + professionals. These stencils are non-woven, easy to stick on, safe for sensitive skin, + won’t leave residue.

3 styles • 36 Stick-on Stencils

• Winged Eyeliner
• Double Flick Eyeliner
• Long Winged Eyeliner

Why we love this:
❣️ Beginner-friendly
❣️ No sticky residue
❣️ Easy to apply + remove
❣️ Fits all eye shapes + sizes

Customer Reviews

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All the stencils are for the RIGHT eye

These would be AMAZING if they had one for each eye. As it stands now these only work on the right eye and not the left. I really wanted these to work and I even tried to make sure that it wasn't double sided or something. You can look at the photos for this product and and see that these are all for the right eye and interestingly they only show how they work on the right eye .... I'm not usually disappointed with Miss A, but this one missed the mark