A+ Bright Eye Massager


  • Rose Gold Eye Massager Roller 
  • Flat end to scoop out eye cream from jar 
  • Ball end to massage around eye area
  • Makes applying and absorbing eye cream easy 
  • Relax, Pamper and Massage your eye area
  • Can keep in fridge for cooling effect
  • Helps to de-puff eyes 
  • Helps blood circulation to minimize dark circles

How to use: apply your favorite eye cream under and around your eye area. Take the A+ Bright Eye Massager and gently roll in circular motions from inner corner of eyes to the outside. Repeat several time. Wipe with clean cloth after each use. 


Customer Reviews

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Bright Eye Massager Review

I absolutely love it! Feels amazing around the eyes.

Fantastic little tool!

This was one of the times when, while scrolling around, I noticed a random Miss A product, and thought hey- why not try it? and added it to my order. It turned out to be another discovery from Miss A that, now that I have it, I wish I had known about years ago.

Have you ever gone over to a friend’s house and are hanging out with them while they are cooking, and they have a little kitchen doo-dad you have never seen before. You watch them use it, and it does some little thing that is minor, but kind of amazing. You ask them if you can try it. What it does is just something small and random, but it works so well, you think hey- why haven’t I heard about this little device, and then you think- I have to get one of these things, ASAP! That was what I experienced with this little Eye Massager. I vaguely remembered these things existed, but it was one of those items I figured I didn’t need, and would never have ordered for myself.

I have been putting on eye cream for years and years the way I was advised to; with a ring finger, tapping the it gently on the delicate skin around the eye. As far as I knew, this was a perfectly adequate way to apply eye products. Until this little guy arrived.

I quickly discovered that this new little tool enabled me to apply my eye treatment in a very precise fashion. This precise application also meant I now had much more control over the amount of product I was using. Eye creams and serums can be expensive, so this is a good thing. I tried it out by, after sterilizing the Massager, dipping the little sphere at the end of the massager directly into my eye cream, so I wasn’t introducing whatever happened to be on my finger into the container, then applied the creme on the massager to my eye area. I wash my hands before using my skincare, but having something that I know is sterile to use as an applicator instead of dipping my finger into my pot of eye cream and transferring whatever happens to be on my finger into the product is another good thing. And this little massager enables you to- well— massage (gently, of course) the product into the eye area, again allowing you to get the most out of your cream. As I have more mature skin, I like to really make sure I am getting my treatment on the areas that need attention as effectively as possible for maximum results. I could tell immediately the Eye Massager was going to be a huge help with this.

Even without being chilled, this little device has a wonderful coolness to it that feels really lovely against the skin. For a mere $1.88 (thank you, Miss A!) it turns an everyday step in your skincare routine into a nice little sort of a spa/facial experience. So even if you can’t afford super expensive products, using this little massager makes using your eye product of any price point a luxe experience. And it is going to make that product more effective, regardless of cost.

Yet another fantastic little discovery from Miss A that I will be ordering back-ups of. :)


I got this today and I’m already obsessed with it. It feels so good under the eyes and is great for a relaxing spa day. It’s very cheap. Definitely recommend!!!


I'm so impressed by the quality of this item. I haven't used any other kind but I actually really like it!